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Goats for Sale

The following Nigerian Dwarf goats are for sale and can be registered with ADGA.  They are ready to join your family! Please contact us if you would like to meet them or have any questions. 

If you wish to purchase a goat, a DEPOSIT is REQUIRED to hold a goat for you.  

We ask $50 for a buckling and $100 for a doeling.  Please contact us to schedule an appointment. 

Please note: Goats are a herd animal and will do best when they live with other goats.



Born on 2/21/2022

Huntley has blue eyes with handsome markings!  He enjoys jumping around and eating lots of leafy greens.  Huntley is a wethered boy, disbudded, up to date on his CDT shots and is ready to join your herd. Asking $150.



Born on 5/13/2022

Cowboy is full of life!  He is a blue-eyed sweetheart who loves to bounce around. Cowboy is a wethered boy who is disbudded, up to date on his shots and is ready to be your buddy! Asking $150.


Two Brothers: Luke & John

Born on 9/29/2022

Two (2) cute wethers look like twins!  They are friendly, healthy siblings who would be great pets.  They are ready to join your herd!  Asking $150 each.


Paxton (pictured on the right)

Born on 2/12/2023

This adorable blue-eyed buckling is disbudded and up to date on his shots.  He plays well with the other bucklings and will be a handsome buck! We are asking $150.


Prince (pictured to the right)

Born on 2/25/2023

Prince is a smart, young, adorable brown-eyed buckling who was disbudded and is up to date on his shots. We are asking $150.



Proven Buck

Rocky is a handsome buck who has served well here. He is ready for new green pastures as it would be good to change the bloodline.

Goats for Sale: Meet the Team
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